Functional Medicine


Asks how and why a certain disease or condition developed and restores health and balance by addressing the root cause of disease on an individual basis.” -Institute for Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine takes conventional medicine to the next level. It views the body as a whole and respects how it is interconnected. As a Functional Medicine provider, I look beyond your symptoms and your problems. I treat you as a unique and whole person. We work together to address the underlying root causes of your “dis-ease” and promote optimal wellness. By gaining a detailed understanding of each person’s genetic, biochemical and lifestyle factors, I can leverage that data to personalize treatment plans that lead to better and more fulfilling outcomes.

Disease states are often the products of the variable, complex and interwoven influences of how we live and interact with the environment. Functional Medicine recognizes the concept that human physiology, in its dynamic interaction with the environment, produces patterns and effects that change over time and that health and illness exist along a continuum. Chronic disease represents one end of that continuum. It is usually the result of a period of declining function of one or several of the body’s systems. Functional Medicine aids practitioners in the identification and repair of physiologic and biochemical dysfunction of each of these systems. This ultimately moves the patient towards the restoration and maintenance of health.

Functional Medicine practitioners closely study the complex interactions among lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors that influence long term health and the development of chronic disease.  Functional Medicine holds that, with science, clinical wisdom, and innovative tools, we can identify many of the underlying causes of chronic disease and intervene to remediate the clinical imbalances, even before overt disease is present.