Bioidentical Hormone Replacement


When we first hear about hormones we think about menopause and hot flashes but hormones go so far beyond that. They signal from tissues in one part of the body to another part. This is how our body communicates. They promote growth within the body and influence metabolism, organ function, energy, weight management and even pain perception. Symptoms of hormone imbalance can vary and can include hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, insomnia, mood swings, weight gain, muscle loss, anxiety and depression. Balance is the key, whether we are talking about sex hormones, thyroid hormones, blood sugar regulation or even optimal cortisol levels, the idea is that we balance them together. This is where we build the foundation for health and people can really start healing.

Hormones can be a vital for some women and just aren’t appropriate for others. However, many women are exhausted from chronic sleep deprivation, difficult relationships, nutritional deficiencies, over-training or a lifestyle of over-giving to parents or children. These women are running on empty and often their bodies lack the raw materials to produce adequate hormones.

In addition, women who’ve had hysterectomies frequently require additional hormone support because surgery interferes with the blood flow to the ovaries. The end result is low hormone levels. And, in the case of ovary removal, instant menopause.

I will interpret your lab results to offer you and your body exactly what it needs to come into balance. This is achieved through a combination of therapies such as bioidentical hormone therapy, strategies for nutrition, stress management, and sleep.  These modalities work synergistically to promote optimal health.