Now, after 10 months of working with Dr. Cooke, I am pleased, and eager to share the impact that my treatments have had.

I searched for 5 years to find a doctor who could help me with my hormone imbalances that resulted in no energy, brain fog, depression, the half-empty syndrome as well as sexual disfunction and confrontational negativity.  Whew!  That's a long list!  

Dr Cooke was able to pinpoint in one session my deficiencies and prescribe the right therapy for me.  This is what happened.

I went from the negative, half asleep, depressed person to the happiest I can ever recall being, truly.  I have energy that I thought was gone for good, and a sex life that was non existent came back much to my husbands and my pleasure!  We have been married for 40 years.  I can't believe he hung in there for so long!  Yes, you can have a wonderful, loving full sexual relationship after menopause, that I used to call "men on pause"!

Thank you, Dr Cooke, for working with me.  I am a humbly grateful believer in and example of your therapy and gift of what re-balanced hormones can mean in a woman's later life.  I want to "turn on" all of my friends who still suffer and put up with the darkness in which I used to wallow.


We are so thrilled to tell you that N. looks and feels better.  He’s working out again, his face is clearing up, he’s losing weight,  his sense of humor and work ethic is back.  I haven’t seen him like this in years.  I know we have a ways to go to finding out what is causing his hormone imbalances, but at least he’s not suffering.  Thank you so very much for helping him.  I hate to think what he’d be going through if he would have continued to see his original doctor.


I have been unable to lose weight. I was told that my thyroid is under-active and was given Levothyroxine as a fix which did nothing for me other than cause weight gain.  I have had intense IBS issues since high school. I was negative, introverted and unhappy to say the least.  I suffered from hot flashes and lack of sleep.  I was spending a lot of money on supplements, however, I did not really know which supplements were right for me nor the amount to take.  I also was unsure about which supplements you can take at the same time as others.

When you told me that there is no way my system is currently capable of turning bread, pasta, sugar, rice, corn and potatoes into anything other than fat it suddenly made all the sense in the world.  I was in tears in your office because I have been trying so hard to lose weight on my own but it was not working.  This was the first light at the end of the long, depressing tunnel.  My IBS issues went away right away which was such a wonderful improvement.  I feel so much better and I am a happy person again.  I find myself smiling at people rather than looking away.  The bio-identical thyroid hormone and the sermorelin give me so much more energy than I had before.  I feel younger and I walk faster.  I accomplish more at work and still have energy left after work.  I am still slightly sluggish in the late afternoons if I sit for extended periods.  I have lost 17 pounds and have changed my eating habits.   I am not introverted any more and enjoy talking to people now.  I am enjoying people and friends more than I did before.  

IBS issues went away, weight loss, hot flashes ceased, more energy and happiness inside

Dr. Cooke's approach of fixing you from the inside out is brilliant and the only way to really fix your issues.  Synthetic medication has so many side effects and only masks the real issues.  Restoring your body to the way it is supposed to be is priceless.

Thank you for your help Dr. Cooke!  I truly appreciate your care and compassion for your work.  Thank you also for giving my friend a light at the end of the tunnel when all other doctors told her they could not help her.


I'm writing to let you know what a tremendous difference the supplements and therapy have made in my life.  I've been meaning to write you, but, I wanted to make sure I wasn't imagining the difference.   My energy level has taken on a new life, my moods have improved, I am NOT constipated after years of being so  (what a huge difference), bloating is gone, weight has come off.  In a nutshell,  I feel like a different person since quitting the HRT's cold turkey and supplementing with your suggested products.  I still make the shake every morning before I get my day started.  Thank you. :)